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Incommunicable Species

As a purest form of critique. Vishal Chaudhary is particularly drawn towards Nietzsche's theories as the stories of his childhood seemed quite relatable to almost anyone who’s experienced some sort of loss when they were building conscious as a child. Nietzsche was raised with extremely catholic beliefs and felt really close to god as his father was a pastor in the church. He grew up in an environment where the entire community was tremendously religious. His father had passed away when he was merely 5 years old and Nietzsche was never the same. What Nietzsche experienced was disturbing and yet relatable to almost all of us. Vishal believed that the extreme levels of sadness stems from the extreme levels of loss of human faith. Vishal wanted to capture Nietzsche's essence in his poem but in a restored modern manner.

Incommunicable Species The absurdity lies in the words, and you're caged like birds. Weak enough you fell, Naive me and what I spell. Wait, pass me the joint, Let me come to the point. Zarathustra realised it too, And so should you. No man ear your words, Your thoughts caged like birds. So grow within your cage, Slowly how you age. You scream you shout, Like the leaders fought. To pass the transvalues, Of all the values. But still no sound, And No man found. ∆∞ The first two lines of his poem(Incommunicable Species) are based on meaninglessness. Vishal personally believe that communication in this age is a huge disaster as it’s all very tangled up. We, as a species waste a lot of time with “greetings” and “salutations” and generally beating around the bush rather than communicating what we exactly feel. A huge amount of energy is used in communicating ineffectively. Moreover, the animal kingdom follow a better version of communication. Two animals won't be needing a human way of approaching their own kind. In the next two lines he tried to communicate who he is but the “imposter syndrome” kicks in after every line he wrote. I feel like my poems are the only tool I have to express myself and even they don’t feel enough sometimes as I not able to put down exactly how I feel. In the next few lines he incorporated the figure Nietzsche used in his book to convey how all our communications are messed up because of our differences in gods, in religions, in cultures and how deeply it affects all of us. I believe there would be a day where all humans will have one unified language. As Nietzsche mentioned, god is dead. The next few lines portray how we as a species could, in utopia perhaps, communicate without words but through souls/inner voice, because only then can the true meaning be understood. No amount of words will be able to describe exactly how we feel, and soul to soul communication feels like the perfect option to express oneself. Our communications often tend to be sugarcoated or extremely dull when words are used, deepness, to the level which he desire, can never be seemed to achieve through words. The next few lines indicate how humans, which include leaders of the world or just your parents perhaps, may scream and how to drill their message in your heads. Values are passed onto the next generations through these mediums and the meaning may be lost somewhere along those lines as no man has found the purest form of communication. Even though people may be able to talk to each other when they’re far away through technology, the meaning of conversations seems to be an issue at hand. Different civilizations have tried their hand at smoothening communications yet the pinnacle hasn’t been achieved in his mind. He also mentioned how he is disappointed by the current civilization and how an aggregated imposter phenomenon affects him, his expectations are different and extreme compared to normal humans. He believes that the humanity is lacking behind a lot. #philosophy





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